The Uk's first center for fire arts.

Head teacher Firemamma -Sarah, is known worldwide for her passion and extensive knowledge with 25 years of experience in fire arts. 

TFS is based inside a large warehouse in the east of London,  out of the wind and rain, where we have been training dragons for  10 years.

Insured / experienced and highly recommended


10 years teaching
2012 - 2022


We teach artists, hobbyists, thrill seekers and bucketlisters how to play with fire. We run safe and highly engaging classes in all fire disciplines. Over 2000 dragons taught in almost 10 years.
Get the coveted certificate that proves you've had training with us

classes for all over 18 regardless of gender/size/age/race
we are an accessible building /LGBTQ+ most welcome

Get pictures and videos of you doing the skills to share with your friends on socials,  like these....

Head Teacher Insured
with the entertainers union Equity


Training dragons