Group fire Classes 

Our Greenest and most affordable options


Fire Eating, body burning and fire breathing class.

includes all equipment 

4 hours - £250 pp

Take home a fire stick and some amazing videos of your day. 


Transfers, trails, vapors shoot the moon and jellyfish jumps

3 hours - £250

Equipment Provided

Must have taken our beginners course or prove experience to be eligible

Safety First!

Private classes

for those who need them

Beginners Fire Eating, body burning and fire breathing.

4 hours - £350 

Beginners Fire Eating, body burning - 2 hours - £190

Beginners fire breathing

( must take the fire eating class first) - 2 hours - £200

Refresher Class - repeat any fire stunt again with our guidance -1 hour £100

Advanced fire stunts - transfers trails, vapours 

3 hours - £350

Special effects Class - sparkle powder, lycopodium,

and pyros - 2 hours £250


Flow introduction class

2 hours £100

try before you buy - test all our fire toys and see which one you like best before commiting to buying a prop learn an overview of the flow arts or book 2 hour refresher or top up classes 

Flow ON FIRE class

2 hours £150

Once you've mastered your prop without fire let us show you how to safely play and perform with it LIT.

maybe take a few non fire flow classes first :)


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1 of our flow