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Here at the Fire School our aim is to teach fire manipulation skills to the highest standard, we have the most experienced teachers available. We are insured by 1st Act, and are represented by the actors Union Equity.  


Our Mission is to make fire manipulators safe. The Fire School started as a response to the amount of performers and hobbyists who were putting others at risk. Fire is a dangerous element and the fuels are hazardous.

For this reason we will only teach those over 18.


Most of the skills are taught in private 1:1 sessions. These are booked on days and times to suit you. We are based in a warehouse in East Ham. Our classes are inside, out of the wind and rain.


Occasionally we hold group sessions for the beginners fire eating and body burning class.

Be sure to follow on Facebook or twitter for news on group classes and any other promotions we have going on.

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