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Toby Gomme

Teacher of Fire breathing, special effects and fire weapons- poi/staff/sword


With 20 years experience in the performance industry as a dancer and circus artist, Toby has choreographed and performed in touring and corporate shows all over the world. Trained in dance, martial arts, circus skills and aerial, he has a diverse knowledge and understanding of the performance industry and a large skill base to draw from to create new and exciting performances.  Insured to teach multiple skills and special effects

Lou Safire - Sideshow teacher

Insured to teach with Equity

Award winning International Vaudevillian

with over 10 years experience performing

fire, aerial and sideshow stunts.

Preacher Muaddib   -  Fire and sideshow teacher

20 years experience.  

Insured to teach fire and sideshow skills with Equity

He is a specialist in fire manipulation,

traditional and modern sideshow.

He holds multiple guinness world records

in fire and sideshow stunts.

Anna the Hulagan - hooping  teacher

"  is London’s most popular Hoop teacher. The first to start teaching in London, she has been at the forefront of the hoop scene in the UK and is the founder of  London HoopFest.



RedSarah - Head Mistress

Teacher of fire-eating, transfers, fingers, poi, tassels , fans

 • 20 year's experience

 •Insured to teach with Equity.

 •safety procedures and risk assessments approved

 •trained fire marshal and first aider


Sarah made a name for herself as an award winning, world class entertainer. She has a thirst for knowledge and has a vast number of  Circus skills. Sarah is passionate about teaching Fire arts safely.