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Sideshow Skills


Human Blockhead

Glass walking

Bed of Nails





Skull Drilling/Flossing

Bed/Ladder of Swords

Various traps and smashes

Ashtray and Toungue torching

Private classes for stunts individually £150

learn 1 or more stunts per session

Ask for a teacher specifically or see who's available for your preferred dates. Choose from the lists of stunts  above or send us a special request.  

                     Deals available on multiple stunts

Learn Single Stunts

The Fire School has been searching long and hard for some of the UK's most experienced and skilled sideshow artists to bring you these very specialist classes. We spent a year in research, and months to sort out insurance. but here it is finally, The Sideshow Group course comes in 2 parts and can be taken separately. Or each stunt can be booked privately on days to suit you. Our teachers are Preacher Muaddib and Lou Safire.

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with Lou Safire


with Preacher