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Guinness World Records :

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The Fire School (TFS) is very proud to have hosted a day of Guinness World Records at our London warehouse in January 2019. It has been so hard to keep this top secret!

The book has now been released so we can share our big news...


RedSarah, Isobel Midnight, Lady Noelia and Roman Ackley achieved 5 Guinness world records in fire stunts which can be seen in a double page spread on pages 92 and 93 of the 2020 edition.


We don’t have access to the footage or images taken by GWR on the day, you can contact the press desk for evidence and images –  - Please let us know if you want to meet, or feature us. We host regular classes and jams where we teach people these skills every day.


Sarah has over 20 years’ experience in fire arts and is head teacher at TFS,

Isobel and Noelia were trained there 5+ years ago and now perform professionally as a duo act “The fire factory”. Roman has been training for 2 years and is a regular favourite on the London cabaret scene.

Get in touch to Book us for events and classes – we are officially amazing!!!



Isobel Midnight – 2 records

The most fire-eating extinguishes in one minute

(2 rods alternating left and right)   - 78


And joint title with

Lady Noelia – 1 record

Most alternate fire extinguishes in one minute

(Team of two)    -     73



RedSarah  - 1 Record

Most blindfolded fire-eating extinguishes in one minute

(Relighting the same rod)   -  91


Roman Ackley – 2 Records

The most Doubles (24) and single (34) jellyfish extinguishes in 1 minute.