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Group Fire Experience

Testimonials :

Training Dragons?!!


The Fire school provides an exhilirating group experience where they teach you how to eat and breathe fire!! The shared experience is something you will never forget.


Each participant comes face to face with their fears while the rest of the team encourage and support them. First touching the fire to their hands, then arms and finally eating the flames!

Continuing onto fire breathing if requested.


We have our own space in a well ventilated warehouse in East London which is suitable for our needs.

  In my professional career i have undertaken many observations of teaching and learning and I can quite frankly say I would grade Sarah as Outstanding. She was fun, approachable, assessed our individual and group needs and provided us with an informative and professional session. Her observations of us developing throughout the session was impeccable she supported and motivated us and most of all made us feel safe. this level of security and person centered approach enabled us as a group to achieve our goals and even exceed them. I never thought I could do this and I nearly cried at how I felt I had really overcome and dealt with some of my fears, from this I feel I can apply what I've learned to my life in the now and the future. My confidence has been raised and its really enabled me to push myself forward. I would recommend the fire school to anyone. / Teresa Larkin

The fire school ran a recent fire breathing event for 10 of the businesses top performers and despite some initial reluctance at trying such a different skill all of the participants had a fantastic experience. They have been talking about this for days, it is  an experience that will live long in the memory. The professionalism of The Fire School in making initial arrangements was first class and I can’t speak highly enough about the two instructors, they were thoroughly professional, very engaging and above all facilitated the group in having a lot of fun in a safe environment. I would recommend the fire school for anyone considering having a different type of experience for their business.





"Sarah and her team organised an excellent event for my brother's stag night.  Organisation and booking was really painless.  I wanted an activity with real originality that there was very little chance of anyone having done before.  The lessons were professionally run, and the teachers were highly knowledgeable and safety conscious.  Everyone had a great time and learned an interesting skill." Ollie Neuberger


Stag Experience