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Fire Eating Stunts

Transfers, trails, teething and Vapors

Private 1:1 - Fire Eating stunts - £150

 Learn about the different fuels,

Learn the tricks of

Teething, flame Transfers and trails

we recommend 3-6 months of practice after the beginners class before booking this one.

If you eat fire and body burn already

then this is the class for you

Fire Eating sticks £40

We make and sell beautifully hand crafted eating sticks

The kevlar is premium quality and it is hand stitched in place rather than held on with wire or screws which, when fire eating or body burning are a real burns risk. you can add these to your class booking at the checkout if you want some :)

Private 1:1  - Vapors  - £150

Advanced fire stunts using fuel vapors and breath control create impressive flame manipulation shows  Human Candle - volcano - shoot the moon