Learn fire and sideshow skills from experienced professionals.

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Fire Breathing


Advanced Fire breathing £150

Refine the techniques needed for performing this trick for the public. Learn dragon breaths, short busts, fire balls and full on pillars.

Become a Dragon !!!

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Learn everything there is to know about breathing fire.

fire breathing is when you expel fuel from the mouth onto a flame producing a large plume or ball of fire.


We always put people through the fire eating and body burning class first, for those with no experience it is best to learn to manipulate one flame before moving on to any of the bigger stuff like fire breathing


You will need to bring :

2 bottles of water, a change of clothes, wear a bandana

old shoes, a face towel, your toothbrush and toothpaste

(please eat well, just before class)

Beginners Fire breathing £150